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All ProductsMusic For Organ

201 Hymn Prelude Miniatures by Mark Winchester

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201 Hymn Tune Prelude Miniatures for Organ, Piano or Keyboard Mark Winchester • Composer A magical collection of impressionistic organ works! Reviews and comments.... I just downloaded Mark's collection...what endears me most to the composer and the body of work is the huge diversity of the selection and the cleverness of the composition. Until now I've never seen a choralprel on the the tune, Anthem as in "Alleluia, Alleluia, Let the Holy Anthem Rise" from the St. Basil hymnal (f'goodness sakes). Haven't begun to look at it all but if you've got a funeral to do involving a person born in the early part of the last century, you just have to have this body of attention all you Hymnal 1940 fans. What a job. What a man. The download, as a reminder, will generate more than 200 pages--about one linear inch of paper so you will need a notebook that accomodates an inch and a half or so to contain it. (Roughly 13 centavos a page) Well done and wow! T.O. Len I am happy to hear the news about Mark's hymn tune collection. I had the opportunity to preview these a couple of years ago--they are wonderful. Mark is a truly gifted musician. C.B. One page long, extremely creative compositions, that will charm the ears of your listeners. Easy to medium difficulty.