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Playing the Church Organ Book 10 Using MIDI Voices • Integra-7 MIDI Module DOWNLOAD

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Book 10 • Using MIDI Voices
Using the Roland Integra-7 MIDI Voice Module

Using the Integra-7 is as simple as dialing your phone and saying hello using our book and software to make MIDI simple and logical to use, as MIDI is intended to be.

Using MIDI Voices is a simple, step-by-step guide that uses music you will enjoy playing to make it easy for you to learn to use the Integra-7 from the organ display window.

6,000 Voices at your fingertips.

All 6,000+ voices in the Integra-7 may be played from the organ. How am I going to find the voices I want to play out of 6,000 choices? Just like our earlier books it has a long list of voices you’ll find useful in church you will find useful, including the ever-popular wind, thunder and rain.

The Forum

With the book you receive a 1 year subscription to our Integra-7 users group with searchable forum. You may find an answer by searching and if not, you’ll get a response from us or a forum member to your questions that you post to this forum. You or your church may extend the subscription if you like.

Our Integra-7 Church Organists Users Forum also is the place to find out new ways to use the module - those who had the MX-200 were disappointed that the drawbar organs sounds could not be triggered to spin up and down in vibrato speed - well, the Integra-7 has that ability. But it could not be triggered from the organ until we discovered a simple, easy way to do this. Now our gospel organ playing comes alive with this great sound. The first thing we did was to post this to our Integra-7 Church Organists Forum and we will continue to listen to your questions and come up with solutions just like this one.

But I don’t have one of the new Rodgers Organs, can I use the Integra-7 module, too?

Yes, order Book 10A. It includes Book 10 but also has clear instructions on how to use the Integra-7 with even the earliest Rodgers organs with MIDI.

Order the book from our website and you’ll get a 100% refund if you are disappointed in any way. Contact us with questions at: or 423 887 7594.

• 20 pieces of useful music for you to enjoy playing the voices you are learning about. • 6 additional compositions by composer Lyndell Leatherman give you an opportunity to learn about playing from contemporary music lead sheets.• When meeting with ministers of music and showing this book in draft form, they all said, “Make sure it teaches how to find and play the strings, guitar and timpani. And don’t forget rain, wind and thunder.” It was great turning to the pages and music already in the book covering those sounds, making them feel comfortable and excited about this book.