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Playing the Church Organ Book 5 • A Playing Guide to the Roland, Rodgers and Infinity Organs Printed

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Book 13 • A Playing Guide to the Roland, Rodgers & Infinity Organs

Questions you have now and questions that might come to you while getting comfortable playing these organs are answered here in plain language.

Each of these organs is played like other organs. It also has its own controls and devices that reflect the forward thinking of Rodgers, the first to use a computer in an organ, the first to successfuly combine organ pipes in an electronic, and now digital, organ. Rodgers is the rare company today that has built pipe organs, including the 13th largest pipe organ in the world, and digital organs.

The organ display window is a window into a library of organ stops that are ready, like a dictionary or a thesaurus of organ stops, to give you the sound that you need for the piece that you are playing.

This book concentrates on working through the organ controls and features not by telling you what they are but by showing you how to use them and what they can do for you.

We write these books after meeting with people who are new to the organs and spending time helping them get started. Based on our notes from those sessions, we then build the books. For the first time, we have then invited owners of these organs to review what we’ve written and this has been extremely helpful when doing the final drafts. Their help has improved this book and we are very grateful.

The index to the book lists all that is covered, from using the transposer, selecting stops, using the usual couplers and the unusual - Bass & Melody couplers - as well as working with multiple memory levels and the PREV and NEXT controls which can be assignable.

Since this is about playing the organ, you will also find music for the organ to play that helps explain the features.

Careful attention is given to the differences between the organs. The current design of these organs which shares the same tonal generation system through all of them makes covering all the organs in teh same books possible.

Nothing makes us happier than hearing from organists, especially those new to playing the organ, as they tell us how our books have helped them as musicians in their playing of the organ.

Special thanks are due to owners of these organs who participated in the editing of this book, and whose work greatly improved it.

• Clear, concise explanations of operation of the controls on the organ and practical advice on their use.• This book covers operation of these organs. The first four books in this series are a complete course in organ registration on the Roland, Rodgers and Infinity Organs, exploring the stops, the Voice Palette stops and the USER & Library Access stops.• Frog Music Press brings with it more than 10 years experience in creating guides to Rodgers Organs as well as more many years experience working in church music in the USA, Germany and Italy.