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All ProductsMIDI Organ Files

For the Rodgers Organ: The Complete Organ Works of Johann Sebastian Bach in MIDI

The complete list for playing the works from your computer, USB stick or floppy disk.

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USD 99.00

0.88MB ZIP File

Intuitive Bach Performances with Registrations for the Rodgers Organs. Enjoying these performances by James Pressler.

Normally priced at $180, for a limited time pay only the Dealer Price of $99!

Note: These files are registered with stops for all Rodgers Organs. [The newestTrillium Masterpiece Organs, due to customization of stop lists, may not play all the stops registered.] If you are dissatisfied with your purchase in any way, we will cheerfully refund your money.

Click on HOMEPAGE for a complete list for printing of all of the works by name.

We all thank you! James Pressler, Lauren Gadd and Noel Jones - Frog Music Press!